My Newborn Sleep Guide 
helps confused parents nurture healthy sleep skills right from the start. 
Say good night to exhaustion, confusion, and sleepless nights.                 
Ready to stop guessing and start sleeping?
Feel confident in your ability to teach sleep 
with my hacks for newborn Zzzz.
~ Strategies to help your baby eat better and sleep longer. 
~ Gentle tools for encouraging independent sleep. 
~ How to create an ideal sleep space.  
In this free guide, you’ll learn:                 
~ Confidence in your little one's ability to Zzz. 
Grab your free Newborn Sleep Guide
I've helped hundreds of newborn families teach sleep gently and slowly with my guides and classes. Let me help you, too! 
For years, I taught high school Social Studies, but now my favorite students are newborn parents wondering how you can help your child learn to love sleep for a lifetime of health and proper development. 
I transform exhausted and overwhelmed parents into confident, well-rested care-givers, and babies into little sleep champions. 
Hi there! I'm Kristine                 
  • Tips to achieve longer stretches of night sleep.  
  • Strategies to lengthen naps.  
  • Helpful routines and tools that promote newborn sleep AND  foster independence and confidence for your child. 
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